Tibi on the issues

I’m a Legal Immigrant and Proud US Citizen

  • Started life in USA with 2 luggage, 2 children, wife and GOD, no English
  • Successful businessman, built my family business from Zero
  • Accomplished the American Dream
  • I don’t talk the talk, I walked the walk


If Elected as your SC State Senator, I will continue to fight for you!


Illegal Immigration

  • Close the border
  • We need legal immigration through merit
  • Stop the drug fentanyl from killing our people
  • Deport illegal immigrants
  • Protect and help the Border Patrol do their job and follow the rule of law
  • Fight to protect our people from losing their jobs to illegal immigrants



  • I built my company from zero
  • I understand the job creation
  • I understand the value of the $
  • I believe in getting the government out of the way is the best way to create jobs
  • I will work on better business policies and lower regulations
  • I will fight to bring more business in our district
  • I will work to protect small businesses from big corporations



  • I want to empower parents to have local control over schools
  • I will fight for our children to receive a good education, not left wing propaganda
  • I favor school choice and competition
  • I will fight for better pay for our teachers
  • I will fight to keep biological men out of the women’s sports


Judicial Reform

  • SC is one of the 2 states in the country where lawyer legislators appoint the judges and this is a problem in our state because it creates a system rife with corruption. For example, The Heart Beat – stopped by SC Supreme Court; Alex Murdaugh case – lawyer protected by lawyers; SC Venue Crisis – created by the liability laws which punish business owners and pad the pockets of plaintiffs lawyers.
  • We have too many lawyers in the House and Senate: 27% in the House and 43% in the Senate
  • We need to change the way we select the judges in our state
  • I believe the Governor should appoint the judges


Fix Our Roads

  • Force SC.DOT to develop best practice protocols
  • Put SC.DOT under vote control
  • Hold SC.DOT accountable for every $ they spend