Meet Tibi

In 1989, Tibi Czentye made the difficult decision to leave his family behind and escape from Socialist Romania, risking his life to create a better future for his family. He walked for two days and snuck across a heavily guarded border into Yugoslavia, where he was put in a prison camp and used as slave labor for weeks. He was lucky to escape, and walked across Europe to The Netherlands, where he applied for political asylum in the USA.

He arrived in America on July 11, 1991, with his family. He and his wife started their American life with two suitcases, two children, no English, and God. Tibi worked three jobs per day for five years and after that, started his own business, bought his first house, and was blessed to send his children to good colleges.

But slowly California’s slide into socialism began to look like Romania. After 18 years in California the Czentyes “escaped” from socialism again and moved to South Carolina where they have been very happy Southerners for 14 years.

I am proud because I accomplished the American Dream. I become citizen, my family is free, my two boys created their own families, I have six grandchildren, and my business is doing good. But after the Biden administration took over, I started to be very concerned about the future of my children and grandchildren and of course the future of our country. Everything they do looks similar to what the dictators in Romania used to do. I had two options: stay home and be upset or continue to fight for our freedom and for a better life for everyone in my state, community, and country.

Tibi began to get involved in local politics because thankfully, in America, we govern from the local level up rather than the top down. Tibi has seen what happens when the government starts to become tyrannical.

Tibi loves his family, his hard-won freedom, fishing, hunting, and his Lord God. He understands from a lifetime of experience that freedom must be safeguarded in every generation, and that’s why he’s running for South Carolina Senate District 17.

Tibi Czentye: Husband, Father, Grandfather

Tibi Czentye: Businessman, Entrepreneur, Job Creator

Tibi Czentye: Survivor, Adviser, Political Figure